Musical Discoveries Music Studio

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are available to beginner through early advanced, beginning age 5 and older.  Lessons address the fundamental aspects of playing piano through the use of proper technique and music theory.  Students will learn a variety of music styles including classical, popular, jazz and blues.  Lessons occur once a week, every week, in either private or partner format (provided there is a suitable match).

(Yes!  I teach adult piano lessons too!  It is never too late to start learning, and I'm happy to help former piano students get back to the keys)

  • Required Materials:  Must have access to a fully functional and well-tuned piano or full-sized weighted keyboard or digital piano for daily practice.  Students should bring their music method books and repertoire to each lesson.  Additional materials (piano book bag, metronomes, music, flash cards) may also be recommended.
  • Practice Expectations:  A student's progress is determined by dedicated practice, not by simply attending lessons.  Ideally, students should practice at least 4-5 days a week.  Specific amounts of practice time are not assigned to each student.  Instead, students should practice long enough to complete their weekly assignment.

Private/Partner Lessons:  are given in 45 and 60 minute lengths.  Private lessons for piano focus primarily on proper technique and repertoire as well as musicianship and creative skills.

Group Lessons are provided up to four times throughout the year in the place of the private lesson.  Sometimes playing a solo instrument can be a little lonesome.  It’s wonderful to play an instrument that sounds so good by itself, but opportunities to play with and for others are not as plentiful as with other instruments.  To help make up for this, and also because it’s just plain fun, we have group lessons throughout the teaching year.  

Activities include:

  • A chance to perform for peers in a relaxed setting
  • Theory Games
  • Ear Training
  • Composition. 

Beginner Piano Classes:  a 45 minute weekly small group class that is perfect for the 5-7 yr old KiddyKey graduates or young students that have had no prior music experience. 

  •  Roadtrip!, for 5-6 yrs is a multi-key curriculum approach that incorporates note, rote and finger number teaching that allows students to master basic music fundamentals while creating a musical memory book (1 semester), that will commemorate their voyage into piano lessons.  
  • Second year students (6-7 yrs) continue to build strong musical foundations of skills and understanding of basic music concepts with Keyboard Kickoff.  While working on hand development and introducing new rhythms, the songs primarily focus on independent note-reading between the hands before introducing a hands together approach.


Saturday, October 26th at 2:00pm

Telfer Place in the Atrium

Wear a costume or something orange and black.